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Turn Your Confusing Database Tables Into Meaningful & Shareable Tables & Charts In Minutes
Business Intelligence and DB Visualization

No Coding Skills Required

With DataLynx you can extract, join, and analyze your database tables visually.

Business decisions tolerate no confusion or guesswork.

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sql data visualization
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Connect Multiple Data Sources

Supports the most popular SME databases. MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB


Visualize Your Data

Get introduced to your data in a way you haven't seen before.


Share Your Finished Work

Include your created work in your web site or your next presentation.

mysql postgres mssql visualization

There Is More Information In Your Database Than You Think

Gather data from database tables, and visualize them side-by-side. DataLynx organizes your data for maximum visibility. Let your next business decision be data-driven.

  • Define Your Data Sources
  • Fetch Only Relevant Data
DB Connection Tutorial

Join. Filter. Save

Filter out irrelevant data, or maybe you want to join related data. No more jumping around between tables, just join them into one coherent table and chart.

  • Connect tables from different databases
  • Prepare your data for maximum visibility
How It Works
filter and join db tables

Save Time. Invest Time

Don't waste your time learning new tools. Invest it getting on top of your business. DataLynx has a very low learning curve. Start using the tools efficiently in no time.

edit and experiment on data

Tinker. Experiment

DataLynx tables are interactive. You can add new columns with auto-generated values, and remove distracting columns. Eliminate manual work completely.

  • Refresh tables and charts with latest data
  • Track your KPIs and business goals
Chart Tables Tutorial

Share. Embed. Export

Share your work with your co-workers or clients. DataLynx allows you to decide what to share, embed, and download.

  • Add your tables and charts to business reports
  • Download and export for your company use
Learn The Steps
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unlimited BI usage

Invite Your Team

Benefit from the unlimited usage for you and your team. All included in the subscription fees.

  • No per seat fees
  • No per usage fees
Adding Team Members Tutorial

Make Data-Informed Decisions. Using The Data You Already Own

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