How It Works

We have taken care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business

Connect & Prepare

Connect to one or more databases. Fetch the data you need to crunch. Prepare your workspace by defining your desired data sources "DB tables". You have full control over what data to include.

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Experiment & Create

Create your chart tables. Edit, join, and filter tables until you're satisfied with the results. Create your charts. Bar, line, and area, customize them as needed.

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  • Step 02.

View & Share

Your tables and charts are now ready. Share with your team or embed in your blog. Export as PDF, PNG, SVG, CSV. You can also export your created tables to Microsoft Excel.

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What is DataLynx?

DataLynx is an online database visualization tool that helps you make sense of your data. You will be able to have a deeper look into your business, and create material that you can communicate with anyone.

How does it work?

Connect all your data in DataLynx. Adjust the data and visualization to present the information you need. Use it to build your business strategy or share it with your team.

Do I need coding skills to use DataLynx?

DataLynx is built for non-techies who are more interested in business. So all the technical heavy-lifting is taken care of, so you can focus on what you do best and care about most.

Is DataLynx hard to use?

The toughest part might be the initial remote connection to your database, which is required only once. We have included online sources in the Help Section on how to make this connection.


Start building the data-driven strategy your business deserves