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Business Intelligence

Have a full view of your business with the most comprehensive analytics and data visualization tools

WooCommerce Business Intelligence

Why Choose DataLynx BI

DataLynx BI collects, analyzes, and presents business information. It saves you time while giving you key insights about your WooCommerce business and customers

Make more informed and better decisions about marketing, sales, and many other areas of your business using DataLynx BI tools.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Have a clear vision of your WooCommerce business data. Evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, and where you can do better. Allow yourself to make targeted and informed decisions using the data you already own.

Know Your Customer

Your customer is your most valuable asset. Know more about them, their behaviour, location, and trends among other things. This will help you improve your service and maintain their loyalty.

Spot Latest Trends

Know by numbers what the latest trends are. Do you offer enough of what your customers are asking for? Your customers say a lot with their shopping habits.

Improve Customer Retention

Knowing more about the customers' experience helps you increase their satisfaction and retention. What made them leave? It could be shipping to a certain location, or did they leave after getting a certain faulty merchandise? It's all in the data.

Minimize Refunds

Tracking refunds is critical for any business. have a 360 degree view of your refunds, dates, customers' location, registration date, previous refunds, you name it. Nail the causes with the detailed report.

Make Sense of Your Revenue

What are the best performing products? Ok that was easy, how much tax did you pay for your second best perfoming product last July for NY orders that were not refunded? Your're in control of your data.

Improve Marketing Efforts

Know your areas of strength and what categories you need to target in your next campaign. Your data helps you define your persona and craft your message

Track Your Promotions

Track your coupons, their performance over time, and their percentages from total sales per a set period of time. DataLynx BI helps you achieve this for your WooCommerce business.

Save Time. Invest Time

Don't waste your time learning new tools. Invest it getting on top of your WooCommerce business. DataLynx has a very low learning curve. You can start using the tools efficiently in no time.